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Five signs that show it’s time to replace your air conditioner

We all know that machines are not forever and your air conditioner is also a machine. An air conditioner too can get old. With old age, its efficiency decreases and your electricity bills increase. Old air conditioners demand frequent repairs and even after so many repairs, they don’t function very well. That is usually the time when you should retire your air conditioner. By replacing your unit at the correct time, you can save money, energy and efforts which otherwise was spent on the old unit. There are few signs that will indicate you that you should replace your air conditioner now. Let’s see what those signs are:
  1. Your air conditioner is very old- Count the years since your air conditioner is serving you if it is more than 10-15 years; it’s time that you replace it with a new one. Older units demand a lot of repairs and maintenance and buying a new unit is far more effective than spending money on its costly repairs.
  2. Changes in the size of the home- When installing an air conditioner, the contractor takes everything in consideration- even the size of your home. So if you did major construction in your home then you will need a larger air conditioner. Your old air conditioner which was supposed to cool a comparatively smaller area will probably take a very long time to cool the new larger area whereas the new bigger air conditioner will do the job more quickly and efficiently. So it’s better to get your old air conditioner replaced by a new one.
  3. High electricity bills- Your electricity bills say a lot about your air conditioner. If you are noticing a spike in your electricity bill than probably your air conditioner is consuming a lot of energy. An energy audit can help you in determining what is actually causing the rise in electricity bills. Before dodging your old unit, you should try correcting all the things that might be causing high energy consumption by your air conditioner like replacing air filters, cleaning coils, checking drains etc. If nothing is working, its right time to switch to a new unit.
  4. Leaks, smell and noises- In normally working air conditioner, condensation takes place from the drainage lines but in some cases where the air conditioner is not working perfectly, the moisture is not drained from the drainage lines causing your home to get humid. In that case, replacing the unit is the best decision that you can make.
An air conditioner should work silently. So when your air conditioner starts making weird noises, its high chance that you book a technician and find out what is causing it. Noises like grating, rattling, and buzzing indicates the serious problem with your air conditioner.

Experiencing bad smell every time you switch on the air conditioner is not uncommon but when the smell becomes permanent it is time you should consider replacing the unit. Dirty coils and dirty filters can be the reason behind the musty smell. Dirt with moisture acts as a favorable environment for the molds and mildew to grow.
  1. Short cycles- When your air conditioner is taking too long to get started or when your air conditioner is turning on or off too frequently, then it is the right time to buy a new air conditioner. An air conditioner which is turning off and on too often is a sign of its malfunctioning. You should call a AC Repair Mesa and take his advice on this case. If there is nothing that can be done replacing the old unit with a new one is the best.